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The main innovation of the system lies in a new design on the panel configuration, which lead to a better explotation of the solar radiation and an enhanced thermal performance with regard to the existing models.


Our product is the first commercial 72-cell PVT/air hybrid panel on the market with an electrical power output of 360 Wp and a thermal production of 850 Wth under standard conditions.

Pv Solair

Operational test site in Zaragoza, Spain

The panel generates hot air for heating while producing more electrical energy than a traditional PV module. Our enhanced PVT product stands out from the crowd due to its size, energy performance and its smart installation mode. It offers a 10% thermal efficiency increase compared to its direct competitors.

Pv Solair


Pv Solair


New design that produces electricity and hot air for heating purposes.

Pv Solair


Involves flexibility and adaptation to each particular roof installation.

Pv Solair


Generating more kWh per square meter than others solar pannel systems

On the one hand, we seek to work with residential customers and small businesses, which can buy our products directly through a distributor or an installation company.

On the other hand, we target the industrial sector market. We intend to reach potential industrial customers indirectly, through engineering companies that design installations. In this respect, we might be interested in partnering with roofing contractors and air conditioning unit providers to offer complete solutions to end users.

In both cases, we rely on a network of installers and distributors with the capacity to reach out to potential customers all over Europe.

Developing a rich business network is vital for successful market penetration. That is why we have decided to use the commercial platform of our market-driven partner KRD to extend our network and expand PV-SolAir’s business scope. KRD distributes solar plant equipment in 23 countries.


We are currently working on PV-SolAir’s Project Tech Specs.

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PV-SolAir Project Tech Specs

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